For Dutchies I refer to the list of OBCZ in the Netherlands in dutch:

Voor een lijst met alle OBCZ's in Nederland in het Nederlands:

OBCZ AverechtsEdit

OBCZ-Averechts managed by iiwi

An OBCZ in a community café just outside the city centre.  The bookcase is located in the hallway behind the bar, where you also can hang your coats.

Location: Lijsterstraat 49, Utrecht.

Opening a closing hours: Normal openinghours are monday to sunday from 21.00h till 01.00h. On friday from 17.00h till 02.00h and sunday from 14.00h till 23.00h. The openingshours change sometimes, so I refer to the official webpage:



This former policestation (yes!) is now an art-cinema. The OBCZ-is located in the café downstairs, left of the counter. You find a small bookcase on the righthand side, above a round table.

Location: Tolsteegbrug 1, Utrecht.

Opening and closing hours: Every day from 11.00h.

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